Inspiring Educational Fun Facts for Kids With Comics + Jokes Book

  • Book for kids 7-17
  • Engaging biology
  • Stories of history
  • Inspiring stories of famous inventors
  • Fascinating facts and jokes about space
  • Future career path for kids in high tech
  • Amusing fun facts with hilarious jokes and engaging graphics

Fun Educational Jokes for Kids

  • Hilarious jokes combined with fun factsto help kids have fun while learning.
  • Organized jokes and related fun facts about science, food, biology, chemistry, geography.
  • Tons of amusing illustrations to keep the kids entertained and engaged.
  • Riddles, Puns, and knock-knock jokes.
  • Jokes from different countries with related information like capitals, flags, currencies, and neighboring countries.
  • How to use their creativity in an applied way to write jokes.

In this Practical Guide you will learn...

  • Why do kids lose 98% of their creativity?
  • How to keep the kids creative.
  • Systematic and practical approach to channel their creativity in life.
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